Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is at the forefront of your brand’s online presence and allows you to engage your customers at every buying stage.

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Advantages of Having a Content Marketing Strategy

Connect with Your Target Audience at the Right Time

At any given time, your target audiences will be at varying stages in the buyer’s journey and it would be reckless to assume that they are all ready to buy as soon as you are ready to sell.

Applying this understanding to your content, be it a blog post, a social media post or a podcast, will make your offering more relevant to your potential customers no matter what stage they are currently in.

Attract Traffic that Converts

Tactics or “hacks” to increase traffic are a dime a dozen but this also attracts traffic that are not relevant to your business and have a low chance of converting or turning into paying customers.

This consumes unnecessary expense and use of your time and effort. A well-thought-out content marketing strategy will draw the interest of qualified leads with a high conversion rate.

Control the Conversation

Through your content, you can lead the narrative and public image of your brand.

You cannot control people’s opinions or preferences, but their decisions can be influenced by your brand’s published content.

Expand Reach to Audiences You Did Not Even Consider

Through Content Marketing, you can further expand your reach through people’s interest, behaviour and intent.

With their organic recognition of the value of your content, this audience is also a potential advocate for your brand.

Rank High on Search Engine Results Page

Search engines reward high relevance content through ranking, making a better-ranked page more visible to searches.

Identifying your audiences and understanding their behaviour is key to relevant content.

Inbound Marketing

No one likes being sold to especially by incessant ads and persistent salespeople.

Content marketing is a less invasive way of promoting your product and naturally highlights the benefits your brand offers. By generating interest, you drive more organic traffic to your channels.

Establishes Your Industry Knowledge, Credibility and Authority

Covering a vast array of industry-relevant topics and discussing the latest trends and news highlights the level of knowledge your brand has on the industry.

This can help heighten your potential customers’ interest and trust in your brand.

“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.”
Arjun Basu
Writer, strategist, consultant
The numbers speak for themselves

Benefits of Utilising Content Marketing

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